Join us for retail’s biggest gala event of the year – the 2018 National Retail Awards! 

The National Retail Awards are Australia’s premier gala event, held every year to acknowledge and honour the many outstanding individuals and businesses in the retail sector. Alongside Australia’s most coveted retail award, the Young Retailer of the Year, the Awards are designed to recognise not only retail businesses, but the people behind the success stories. 

The 2018 National Retail Awards include 12 diverse awards across three larger categories. 

Each award is designed to acknowledge individuals and businesses in the retail sector who exceed expectations in their field, inspire others and continue to innovate in Australia’s ever-evolving retail landscape.

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Champion Awards

This category recognises those businesses who champion positive change in the workplace through social and technology initiatives.


  • Social Responsibility Champion of the Year 
  • Customer Experience Champion of the Year
  • Innovation Champion of the Year

Individual Awards

This category recognises the hard-working individuals who dedicate themselves to the improvement, innovation and success of the retail industry.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award (30+ yrs of service)
  • HR Manager of the Year Award
  • Store Manager of the Year Award
  • Franchisee of the Year
  • Young Retailer of the Year Award

Retailer of the Year Awards

This classic category recognises the outstanding business outcomes of Australian retailers who continue to adapt, improve and innovate in their field. 


  • Small Retailer of the Year
  • Medium Retailer of the Year
  • Large Retailer of the Year
  • Online Retailer of the Year

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