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The Hon Rob Lucas MLC, Treasurer, has declared an exemption for the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday on Monday 14 June 2021.

The exemption will enable non-exempt shops in the Metropolitan Shopping District and Glenelg Tourist Precinct (the Adelaide suburban area) to trade between the hours of 11.00 am and 5.00 pm on that day.

This exemption will bring suburban Adelaide shop trading hour restrictions in line with the rest of the state for the 2021 Queen’s Birthday public holiday. The Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 (SA) already permits trading from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm in the Adelaide CBD on most public holidays, including the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

The NRA notes that this exemption is subject to the condition that all employees working during these extended hours will do so on a strictly voluntary basis and any and all relevant industrial instruments are to be complied with.


Shopping centres and retailers unite to welcome South Australia’s referendum on shop trading hours

The NRA also takes the opportunity to inform or remind South Australian retailers of the recent announcement of a historic referendum that could pave the way for long awaited trading hours reform in South Australia.

NRA Chief Executive Dominique Lamb said the extension of trading hours was long overdue in South Australia, and many retailers had been at a disadvantage as a result. “This is about retailer and consumer choice, and we hope that the debate is more than just supermarkets”, said Ms Lamb.

“We know that many small retailers benefit when larger retailers can open and trade, particularly in shopping centre environments.

“Many retailers are frustrated with the rigid schedule made available to them by the current laws, which restricts their flexibility to respond to their customers’ needs.

“The enactment of the extended trading hours will put money back into the pockets of local businesses, increase employment of students and part-time workers and enliven shopping precincts as social areas.”

The NRA and SCCA are excited for this reform to take place to help the South Australian economy recover. Retailers are finally given the opportunity to make more sales during extended hours, and consumers will have more flexibility in the way they shop. The South Australian Government is set to introduce the Bill to State Parliament this week, seeking Parliament’s approval to put the referendum to electors on March 19 next year.

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