Research has shown that the retail industry is one of the most open to hiring people with disability in Australia when compared to other industries.

By sharing stories of success, retailers can use their influence to encourage other businesses to follow suit and create more inclusive, diverse workplaces.

The NRA is a proud partner of the Employ their Ability campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of employing people with disability.  The campaign directs employers to the JobAccess website where information about Australian Government support and programs is available to help them.

The research findings, found in the Australian Government’s Building Employer Demand Research Report, found 79 per cent of Australian retail employers were open to hiring people with disability.

But, while 65 per cent say equal work opportunities for people with disabilities are important to them, only 42 per cent think their business is equipped to employ someone with disability.

So while hirers want to employ people with disability, and they want them to be active members of the workforce, they’re looking for help to put it into practice in their own businesses.

That’s where NRA members can help. Hirers are seeking guidance from businesses who are already benefiting from diverse hiring practices. By sharing your story, you can make a real difference.

Explore the range of supports available on JobAccess, including recruitment assistance, staff training, financial support, workplace modifications and tips on creating inclusive work environments.

There are some simple ways NRA members can get involved and demonstrate their leadership:

  • Contact JobAccess with your stories of disability employment. They’ll write your case study and share it to encourage other organisations to make a difference. We are also interested in hearing your stories about people with mental health conditions in workplaces. These could come from employers and employees.


  • Follow the JobAccess LinkedIn page and join the group. There’s regular information and tips on how you can help drive disability employment– and we encourage you to share it with your own networks.