Anz Apple

Apple pay has been around since late 2014, however as Australians we are yet to fully embrace the software.
That was until ANZ recently signed up to Apple Pay contactless. Becoming the first of the big four banks to implement the technology, ANZ customers will be able to use their mobiles as credit cards.
Customers with select iPhones, iPads and Apple watches can now replace their credit and debit cards with the tap of their phone at point of sale terminals. Customers concerned about safety and privacy can rest assured their money is secure with Apples dynamic security code generator which keeps your information private from the retailer. Users can also remotely halt the service using the Find My iPhone service.

Although mobile wallets are relatively new for Australians, retailers must stay up to date to avoid missing out in the long run and alienating customers, particularly millennials once the process has become an ingrained behaviour. Retailers who already accept American Express and Visa cards and have a contactless point of sale terminal can contact their payment provider to start accepting Apple Pay.

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