Black Friday sign

Australian retail is poised for a Black Friday to Cyber Monday bonanza, with shoppers set to splurge $5.6 billion nationwide over the following four days.

The Black Friday to Cyber Monday shopping period is fast growing into the busiest few days on the Australian retail calendar, with consumers swooping in for bargain deals while knocking off Christmas purchases early.

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said the four-day shopping spree would provide a much needed sales boost for businesses, particularly those located in CBD locations.

“The four days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday has fast become one of the busiest shopping sprees on the retail calendar,” Ms Lamb said.

“This year the NRA is forecasting a record spend of $5.6 billion nationwide, which is an eight per cent rise on 2020’s figures.

“Each year shoppers further embrace Black Friday and descend on shopping centres to cash in on bargain sales.

“CBD shopping precincts have endured significant drops in foot traffic throughout the pandemic, so we really encourage consumers to head into their respective towns and support these businesses.”

Ms Lamb also said that online spending is tipped grow on last year’s figures and will comprise $2 billion of the $5.6 billion in sales.

“Cyber Monday also continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The pandemic has accelerated the growing trend towards online shopping, which provides consumers with great convenience,” Ms Lamb said.

“We really encourage Aussies to get their online purchases done and dusted on Cyber Monday. Not only will that secure them great deals, but with the delivery system under strain consumers shouldn’t be waiting until the last minute to make online Christmas purchases.

“But whether online or in-store we really encourage shoppers to support local retailers. Those operating in areas affected by lockdowns this year have experienced an even more challenging time than 2020 and they really need money flowing through the door.

“There are many outstanding offers on products across the retail sector, both in-store and online. It is the perfect opportunity for shoppers to support Australian retailers, make inroads into Christmas shopping and cash in on bargain prices.


Black Friday to Cyber Monday Weekend (4 days) 2021

Online Spend Total Retail Spend
$2 Billion $5.6 Billion


Black Friday to Cyber Monday – state breakdowns

STATE Forecast sales
NSW $1.8 Billion
VIC $1.5 Billion
QLD $1.1 Billion
SA $392 Million
WA $560 Million
TAS $112 Million
NT $112 Million
ACT $56 Million
TOTALS $5.6 Billion


Black Friday to Cyber Monday – categories

Category Forecast sales
Food $2.2 Billion
Household Goods $1.1 Billion
Clothing, Footwear and Personal Accessory $470 Million
Department Stores $350 Million
Other $880 Million
Cafes, Restaurants and Takeaway $640 Million
Total $5.6 Billion


Christmas trade forecasts (second-half November & all December) 2021

STATE 2020 Spend 2021 Forecast Spend % Increase from 2020
NSW $17.4 Billion $19 Billion 9.5%
VIC $14.4 Billion $15.5 Billion 8%
QLD $11.4 Billion $12.4 Billion 8.5%
SA $3.5 Billion $3.7 Billion 7%
WA $6.1 Billion $6.6 Billion 8.4%
TAS $1.1 Billion $1.2 Billion 7.5%
NT $491 Million $518 Million 5.5%
ACT $1 Billion $1.1 Billion 9%
TOTAL $55.4 Billion $60 Billion 8%


Online Christmas trade forecasts (second-half November & all December) 2021

  2020 Spend 2021 Forecast Spend % Increase from 2020
TOTAL $5.4 Billion $8.2 Billion 51%