Eftpos Beyond Blue Mental Health Partnership Feature Image
eftpos has announced a supporting partnership with Beyond Blue, as part of a $200,000 multi-year engagement supporting all Australians to achieve their best possible mental health.

The partnership will focus on funding and providing access to the Beyond Blue Support Service and aims to raise awareness about the link between financial and mental health, particularly for small businesses and young people.

Even more worryingly is that small business operators support others, such as their family and staff, rather than tending to their own needs when they need support themselves.

eftpos CEO Stephen Benton said the alignment between eftpos and Beyond Blue’s purpose and core values was both immediately clear and enormously important to both organisations.

Research shows two thirds of small business owners say the pandemic has negatively impacted their mental health, a figure that has doubled since prior to the pandemic.

Mr Benton said that through the partnership, eftpos will be encouraging consumers and small business owners to take steps and seek support to improve their overall mental health and wellbeing, particularly during these difficult times of COVID lockdowns and recovery.

“eftpos’ purpose is to do Good for Australia and we see this partnership as having a direct and positive impact. By contributing to and supporting Beyond Blue’s Support Service, it is our hope we can make a difference to the lives of people in Australia, especially in these challenging times,” Mr Benton said.

“With disruptions to the ways we live, learn and work, we have limited access to the usual supports and coping mechanisms that help keep us well. This comes at a time where many in our community, including young people and small business owners, are also experiencing financial pressures which we know are closely tied to mental health,” Mr Benton said.

Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman thanked eftpos for its support, with partnership donations going towards the Beyond Blue Support Service.

“eftpos’ support is vital, especially at a time when millions of people are experiencing the effects of the pandemic, including the impact on many people’s financial wellbeing,” Ms Harman said.

“Contacts to Beyond Blue’s support services are up 30 per cent on pre-pandemic levels, so we are extremely grateful to eftpos for supporting us so we can keep answering every call and online chat.

“Every dollar will go to the Beyond Blue Support Service, which is staffed around the clock by mental health professionals. They are ready to provide free, immediate and confidential counselling, advice and referrals online or over the phone. We thank eftpos for their support.”

“Along with the eftpos partnership funds going to the Beyond Blue Support Service, we’re also encouraging small business owners to find out more about Beyond Blue’s NewAccess for Small Business Owners, a program supported by trained mental health coaches who have a background in small business,” said Mr Benton.

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