Tuesday 14th January 2020
12:00pm - 12:30pm
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Recent surveys have shown that sexual harassment continues to be rife in the retail and quick service industries, with 39% of employees having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace over the past five years and more than half of women aged under 29 having experienced sexual harassment over this same period. Acting against abuse is everyone’s responsibility in the workplace.

Pressure is mounting on employers to have proper policies and procedures in place to protect their staff from the damaging effects of sexual harassment. In fact, if employers don’t take appropriate steps, they can be held vicariously liable for the physical and mental impacts on their employees’ well-being.

To help employers navigate this difficult issue, the NRA Legal team has decided to put on this FREE 30 minute webinar to assist employers to create safer workplaces, and minimise risks to their business.

In this webinar, the NRA Legal team will unpack everything your business needs to know in order to prepare for and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace. In particular, we will examine:

• How to identify sexual harassment in your workplace;
• What you can do to help prevent sexual harassment occurring;
• How to handle and address sexual harassment when it occurs;
• What strategies and obligations exist to manage sexual harassment from customers.


Acting Against Abuse Webinar harassment