BDO Australia
Level 10, 12 Creek Street


Tuesday 31st March 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm
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While trans people have long been present in our workplaces and society, they have historically often been erased and discriminated against. However, as societal views shift, increasingly people are making the decision to come out as trans in their workplaces and affirm their gender.

An employee affirming their gender has clear benefits to health and well-being for the individual coming out, which can often translate to a happier and healthier employee in the workplace.

Accordingly, employers can play a valuable role in ensuring that their trans employees are supported through what can be a difficult process of coming out and gender affirmation.

But many employers may lack the life experience or knowledge to know how to engage or respond appropriately when an employee comes out. To this end, the NRA has decided to produce a guide for employers on how they can best support their trans employees – designed to be as accessible as possible for use in any context.

To help launch the Guide, the NRA will be hosting a panel to discuss what employers can do to support their trans employees on the Trans Day of Visibility (31 March), a day where we can celebrate and recognise the contributions of trans people. The panel discussion will be moderated by our CEO, Dominique Lamb, and we will hear from our speakers, Jade Mirabito (headspace), Paige Wilcox (University of Queensland), and Emmanuel Onley (Lush Australia) about their own experiences of being trans, and what employers can do to support their employees to bring their whole selves to work.

All attendees will receive a copy of the Guide, and all those who register to attend will receive a FREE digital copy!

Following the panel there will be some light refreshments, and an opportunity for everyone to mingle. Refreshments are provided by Naked Wines Australia.