From 01 October 2019, drivers who fail to pay for their fuel at services stations across Queensland could be alerted to their offence by SMS or Email.

QPS Flyer re Drive Off Initiative (CLICK HERE)

On Tuesday 1 October 2019, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) commenced a one month trial aimed at improving outcomes for fuel retailers associated with fuel drive offs. On that date, Policelink began contacting the registered owners of vehicles involved in fuel drive off incidents via text or email in an effort to encourage them to contact service stations in a timely manner in order to resolve the matter. Early engagement with owners by Policelink will also help to reduce the time spent by frontline officers making inquiries.

A text or email will be sent to a registered owner once an incident is reported to Policelink and ownership of the vehicle is confirmed. Texts/emails will be sent to registered owners of vehicles bearing validated registration plates except where:
• the vehicle involved is confirmed stolen;
• a business is the registered owner; or
• vehicle registration particulars do not match description provided.

The message will include offence date and time, and the service station company name, however the exact location of the service station will be excluded for public safety reasons. The message will prompt registered owners to contact their fuel provider. A QPS web page address will be included as a further source of support and information.