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An alliance of small business organisations has been formed to present a united front on policy issues of mutual interest.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO), Kate Carnell, says the group will be making joint submissions on the Federal Budget and other consultations, in the interest of uniting the small business sector.

The ASBFEO hosted a policy forum with representative organisations to identify core advocacy issues for Small Businesses. These included the complexity of workplace relations, human capital (skills shortages, skills training, and immigration), energy costs and supply, access to justice, NBN and cyber security.

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The ASBFEO have created a survey to gather case studies, to inform submissions to potential future inquiries and advocate for better consideration of small businesses in the economy.

You’re invited to complete the survey, for the purpose of collecting these case studies to use as evidence when approaching other departments to help small business. Alternatively, you can access the survey hereThe survey can be completed as many times as needed to capture multiple case studies.

Below is a short summary of key actions from each of the working groups.

  • Workplace relations simplification: Explore options regarding the ‘Practitioner Assist Line’ and monitor new developments in the area to distribute to the members of the working group.
  • Contracting and UCT: Review the Department of Finances contract terms; begin drafting an information sheet with input from group members with what clauses may be, and who to contact if you believe you have encountered, an unfair contract term.
  • Energy costs: Monitor and share tools that industry associations and their members are using to help reduce energy costs. Share any new initiatives to save money on energy as announced.
  • Cyber security: Send out short alerts monthly on one aspect of cyber security including a case study as an example. Present in easy to understand, not technical, language.
  • Access to justice: Compile an info sheet with points of contact for disputes in each State and Territory as well as draft a checklist on how to recognise a potential dispute and what to do next.
  • Digitalisation and NBN: Reach out to ACCAN to discuss the development of a small business checklist based on its consumer checklist for joining broadband.
  • Human capital: Investigate government support for training and development of employees. They will also consult with universities to seek if/what work is being done regarding the correlation of training to business growth.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or other issues raised please contact the ASBFEO on 1300 650 460, or click here.