Instagram’s new Snapchat inspired story telling feature lets followers view off the cuff or behind the scenes moments from your brand.

Your ‘stories’ whether they be a photo or video have a shelf life of 24 hours and won’t taint your carefully curated Instagram feed.

If you don’t use Snapchat why would you use Instagram stories?

  1. The Instagram Stories interface is much more user friendly and easier to get started
  2. Unlike Snapchat, if your profile is public, anybody can see your content which means greater reach
  3. If you are already using Instagram for your business, you have a captive audience
  4. Videos offer increased visibility and interaction
  5. Customers feel like part of your brand when they get behind the scenes access
  6. It allows you to trial Snapchat style content without moving to yet another social channel
  7. If you target audience are Snapchat users, they will most likely already be mastering the Instagram Stories

For more information on how to get started with Instagram Stories, click here.