retail defender wk2

by Brad Culbert, Retail Defender

Last week, in the article “Modern Retail and the future of Loss Prevention” I talked about it being no secret that the world of technology is changing faster than ever, and introduced the concept of a ‘behind the scenes’ technology that we know is uncovering great results for retailers.

A new generation of Business Analytics tools is making it easier than ever to find insights in data and to embed these insights in operations and decision making – be it in sales, procurement, finance, marketing or loss prevention.

One of these new tools is called Retail Defender and it’s already being used by some large Australian retail groups such as Collins Food Limited with fantastic results. One of Retail Defender’s customers said that they believe they were able to recuperate up to 7% of lost revenue due to fraud, training deficiencies and operational inefficiencies. Another customer said the platform paid for itself multiple times in the first 12 months of usage, with an ROI of 300%.

Not only that, but it’s simple and quick to set up because it can integrate with your existing POS and other systems you may be using.

To learn more about Retail Defender watch the animation video below or visit our website for more info.