The NRA is the accredited training partner and advisor to many of our members who do not have an in house registered training organisation.

In this capacity,  we work closely with members to enhance and complement their existing in house Learning and Development programs and induction programs, and provide ongoing advice on new government funding initiatives as they become available. One of the services we have been frequently asked for is “mapping” non accredited training to accredited training.

Mapping is used as a “road map” for trainers and assessors, and helps participants to demonstrate competency so they do not need to undertake this learning again.

The way it works is as follows:

  • Accredited units of competency are “unpacked”
  • A mapping template or matrix is created.
  • Learners are asked to submit a detailed resume and certified copies of existing qualification and units.  This will identify areas of the accredited units that may be covered.  This is done on an individual basis as each participant has varying experiences and qualifications.
  • Any in house training is also identified and added to the matrix if relevant.
  • This process gives credit to each participant for what they have already done, and identifies the areas that are needed to still be covered to gain competency in units towards a qualification. In most instances, government funding is available to assist learners to undertake the remaining training to achieve a full qualification.

If you are interested in finding out more about mapping your in house training to accredited training, and helping yourself or your employees in gaining a fully accredited Retail qualification, please contact NRA Training Team Leader, Ginny Morris.