MarketMap – your market intelligence solution

Large organisations leverage market intelligence data to gain superior insight into their geographic markets, for example when assessing a new store location, planning marketing campaigns, or adjusting their product to meet local demand. However these tools are usually too expensive or complex for small to medium retailers, costing thousands of dollars.

Exclusive offer for NRA members

The NRA has launched an exclusive partnership with MarketMap which offers a cost-effective, online market intelligence tool that allows businesses of any size and budget to access the same kind of information. MarketMap pulls data from multiple sources such as the Census, daytime population stats, consumer spend and consumer lifestyle data, to give you a comprehensive view of local market trends.

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MarketMap business intelligence reports start at just $150 and, through our exclusive partnership, NRA members receive a further 20% discount.

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MarketMap Webinar: How can the 2016 Census data help your business decisions?

The 2016 Census has been released. It reaches about 95% of all Australians in the only true national scale population survey and it really can help grow your business. That is:

  • It can help you find new customers and target the right products/services to them
  • It can help you understand, engage and satisfy people across our diverse, multi-cultural country
  • It can help you decide how and where to expand your business in the Australian landscape

Find out how to get the most from the Census from leading economist-strategist, Bob Schwartz. Understand the valuable information within the data and reveal insights that will help answer key questions for your business into the future.

Watch the Webinar now: or call: (02) 9436 3820.