Recycle recycling recycled

The National Retail Association (NRA) heralds the introduction of the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020 as a transformative leap into a new era of efficient, effective and sustainable waste management.

The new framework, spearheaded by Environment Minister Sussan Ley, and Assistant Environment Minister Trevor Evans, will position Australia as a regional eco-leader, futureproofing the production of sustainable products, encouraging local re-manufacturing and helping industry take proactive strategies in managing waste.

Transformative in its objective to create a local circular economy, and supported by all levels of government, this bill will also encourage councils to invest in recycling infrastructure to assist local businesses with compliance.

David Stout, Policy Director at the NRA says the renewed recognition of recycling will promote innovation and investment and lead to the broader adoption of recyclable

“As it stands, many councils lack the infrastructure to keep recyclable goods like glass and plastics within Australia’s value chain. The proposed changes will encourage local investment in recycling infrastructure and promote innovation.”

The NRA also recognises Australian retailers, many of which are at different stages and levels of expertise with recycling.

“Many retailers have already established impressive recycling initiatives and strict environmental standards for products, but others will need to review packaging and will require solid local infrastructure support. We can claim glass and plastics are recyclable, but without the necessary infrastructure in place to efficiently recycle these products, initiatives become redundant.”

The bill is also set to upend accessibility issues. A problem facing many local retail businesses who can’t afford to replace packaging with recyclable alternatives.

“Today, most non-recycled packaging remains cheaper than recycled alternatives. This ground-breaking legislation will promote innovation, increase accessibility and create a world leading culture for the better management of recyclable goods.”

“The National Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill is a welcome endorsement for a cleaner, greener Australia, and will empower the government to independently manage environmental concerns of a global scale.”