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REST Industry Super

REST is one of Australia’s largest super funds by membership with $45 billion in funds under management and around 2 million members as at 30 June 2017.

Chant West awarded REST Innovation Best Fund 2017 at the Chant West 2017 Super Fund Awards.

Heron awarded REST a 5 Quality Star Rating for 2017. SuperRatings awarded REST Pension of the Year 2015, the second year in a row REST has won this award.

REST also received Money Magazine’s 2015 and 2014 Best of the Best Award for Best Super Fund Manager and Best Pension Fund Manager*.

*Ratings or awards are only one factor that you should consider when deciding how to invest your super.  SuperRatings Pty Limited does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to for details of its ratings criteria. For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see

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American Express

American Express is a global service company, providing customers with exceptional access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. 


BDO is a global professional services firm that service a diverse range of clients, from large corporate organisations to private businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across a broad array of industry sectors.

Their Retail team uses more than just the combined knowledge and experience of our staff and partners to provide audit, tax and advisory services to clients across Australia. Because the retail environment is changing so rapidly, BDO go beyond tradition and provide cutting-edge daily data and analytics that will make a big difference to your business by helping to keep you ahead of the pack. BDO’s innovative retail services go beyond traditional accounting. You can benefit from the Australian Retail Index and Food & Beverage Index – tailored online retail and hospitality sales data that will help you maximise sales opportunities.

NRA member only offer

As a NRA member BDO invite you to a complimentary one-on-one engagement session* with an expert from our QLD Retail team to discuss general business advice on strategy, structuring, pricing, human resources, transaction services, tax planning and compliance. Click here to register your appointment with our Retail specialist.  *Subject to availability,  all appointments are one hour and Brisbane base. All others locations will be held via telephone at a mutually agreed time.

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News Corp

News Corp Australia is Australia’s number one media and digital real estate company and a subsidiary of News Corp, a global leader in digital and print media, book publishing and real estate services.

We reach more than 15 million Australians each month through our diverse portfolio of publications and associated businesses. 

Our affiliated companies include REA Group, Foxtel, Fox Sports Australia, Sky News Australia, HarperCollins, Hipages, Storyful, Unruly, and Dow Jones.

News Corp Australia’s specialties include: 
Journalism, News and current affairs, Media, Advertising, Cross platform, Newspapers, Magazines, Digital media, Publishing, Entertainment, Food, Lifestyle, Sport, Subscription TV and Real Estate

News Xtend

s your business ready to flex its digital marketing muscle?

News Xtend will help you navigate the digital marketing wilderness to smash your business goals.

Powered by News Corp Australia and with a direct bat-phone to Google and Facebook, we provide powerful digital campaigns and first class service that our rivals can’t match.

With staff based across Australia, you have access to local experts who are masters of spruiking businesses – including getting you found on search engines, starting a conversation on social media and delivering your message where it matters most.

News Xtend ensures every dollar you spend is an investment in improving your business and you can track your results anytime, anywhere via your online dashboard.

We give you the ability to focus on your business today, while we help you catch your customers of tomorrow.

Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers

With over 50 years of specialisation in the Australian and international insurance markets, Gow-Gates is the partner of choice for many of Australia’s best known businesses, associations and individuals.

Gow-Gates continuously strive to:

  • provide clients insights and strategies they need to meet their risk management challenges;
  • continually adapt to the changing economic and regulatory environment to ensure client security;
  • offer clients highly commercial and outcome-focused advice that considers their own individual circumstances and how this may change.

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Retailer’s insurance costs are rising and the National Retail Association (NRA), in partnership with Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers, want to relieve some of the current financial pressures on our members by unlocking lower insurance premiums through group-buying power.

In an exclusive members only offer, the NRA and Gow Gates want our TOP 500 retailers to sign up and Gow-Gates will negotiate a group insurance deal to unlock discounted insurance offers from a winning supplier.

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Intrust Super


Intrust Super has been delivering first-class service and super solutions to businesses and members across Australia for almost 30 years. Specifically catering for the fast food, cafes, restaurants and hospitality sectors in retail.

They’re one of the only funds that offers income protection for casual employees, covering up to 90% of their wage should they be unable to work due to illness or injury. This is one of the many reasons Intrust Super has won the ‘Best Value Insurance in Super’ award from Money magazine for the last five years running.  

As a Platinum-rated 100% Industry Fund, they’re committed to putting more money in their members’ pockets.

Intrust Super provides businesses with simple, hassle-free super solutions, and offer a range of benefits including regular updates, tailored communication, a dedicated point of contact and workplace education for employees, as well as online access to make life easier when paying super contributions.

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The Roubler HR software system provides you paperless Onboarding, Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Payroll software all in the one cloud based software platform.

Operated by proven HR industry professionals across 23 countries worldwide and backed by some of the worlds leading investors. Roubler’s goal is simple; to change the way the world manages its workforces.

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Offer your customers an easy, interest free payment option. They get more time to pay, and you still get paid by the next day- everybody wins!

The Leasing Department

The Leasing Department provides specialist leasing and property services to independent, multi-site and franchise retail tenants Australia wide.

We partner with our clients’ to understand their business objectives so that we can align lease negotiations and other property services to deliver bottom line benefits over the life of their lease.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • network planning and site sourcing
  • negotiating lease terms and conditions
  • lease performance and business strategy.

Our extensive experience in retail management and the property industry saves our clients’ time, money and stress. We aim to achieve maximum financial savings and minimise risk to our clients’ businesses – at all times protecting their tenant rights to ensure a secure tenure.

Our partnership with the NRA
As the Leasing and Tenancy Consultant to the NRA, we provide NRA members with initial advice on issues and questions relating to their retail lease. Following this initial contact, NRA members may choose to formally engage The Leasing Department to act on their behalf.

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Retail Doctor Group

From humble beginnings as a one-man retail operations specialist, Retail Doctor Group has grown to be a leading retail consultancy with expertise in insights, strategy and implementation.

Since our inception in 2005 by Brian Walker, we have worked with over 600 retailers, retail service providers, shopping centres, manufacturers and not-for-profit organisations to plan and build fit business structures that achieve operational excellence and sustainable profitability.

Laying the foundations and building the structures for solid long term business fitness requires the seamless collaboration of business ‘insight architects’, ‘planners’ and ‘builders’. And that’s exactly who we are and what we do.

NRA member only offer

As an NRA member, Retail Doctor Group are offering you a 15-20 minute complementary diagnosis for your business over the phone.

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Aussie Mega Mall

Aussie Mega Mall is the place to start whenever you go shopping online.

Aussie Mega Mall’s mission is on the way to becoming the world’s NO.1 online shopping space.

With Aussie Mega Mall, you will discover and support only Australian business – Aussies offering Aussies amazing deals in real time right to their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Retail Defender

Bistech’s Retail Defender is a cutting-edge Loss Prevention solution helping retailers to reduce loss due to employee fraud, training deficiencies and operational inefficiency.

The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for Loss Prevention stakeholders to automate the identification of suspicious activity across their network of stores, seamlessly integrating with existing Point of Sale (POS) platforms and other sources.

Retail Defender helps retailers move away from exception-based “gut-feel” investigation to pro-active monitoring of all transactions.

The Retail Defender team comes from varied backgrounds, heavily weighted towards analytics and intelligence gathering.

What we offer

  • Retail Defender is a tried and tested platform used by many retail groups including Collins Food Limited and Retail Food Group
  • It allows retailers to:
    • Automatically review every transaction, alerting you to high-risk activity
    • Reduce time to identify and investigate from DAYS or WEEKS to MINUTES
    • Significantly reduce loss due to completed investigations, perceived capability deterrent and reduction in training/process deficiencies
    • Recover cost of implementation within months of deployment
    • Improve responsiveness to discover and act on new loopholes discovered
    • In-store, on the road or at HQ, access powerful mobile-friendly dashboards that guide users to high-risk stores & employees and provide simple tools to drill and investigate suspicious activity
    • Integrate data from your existing Point of Sale (POS) platform and optionally banking, time & attendance, supplier.

Read more at the Retail Defender Website:


A cost-effective market intelligence solution

Large organisations leverage market intelligence data to gain superior insight into their geographic markets, for example when assessing a new store location, planning marketing campaigns, or adjusting their product to meet local demand. However these tools are usually too expensive or complex for small to medium retailers, costing thousands of dollars.

The NRA has launched an exclusive partnership with MarketMap which offers a cost-effective, online market intelligence tool that allows businesses of any size and budget to access the same kind of information. MarketMap pulls data from multiple sources such as the Census, daytime population stats, consumer spend and consumer lifestyle data, to give you a comprehensive view of local market trends.

MarketMap business intelligence reports start at just $150 and, through our exclusive partnership, NRA members receive a further 20% discount.

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Hardware Australia

We are a not for profit association who deliver expert services and advice. We represent the interests of hardware, building supplies industries and their suppliers. Our objective is to protect, promote and support you, your business and your industry.
Our services, including training, legal support, savings are delivered by an in-house team of highly trained staff with decades of retail specific knowledge and experience.

For more information contact us here or call 1800 445 522.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Biz Better Together

For the business operator in Australia today, it can be a challenge to keep up with the daily demands of rostering, wages, inventory, and doing the books; there’s no time to consider how technology, working effectively with your people, or emerging business practices could make your business better. At least, until now.

At Biz Better Together we are gathering the best business information in one central location, and more content will be added regularly. By registering with us, you can have the information most relevant to your business automatically delivered right to your inbox. You can be the first to hear about the latest developments in best business practices, business training and events.

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Created in 1991 by the Queensland government to serve its long term investment responsibilities, we have grown into a Global Diversified Alternatives business. 

We focus on our clients and their clients, first, last and only. Their objectives are our only objectives. We deliver to over 90 like-minded institutional investors in Australia and internationally.

We are bound by a common philosophy – to deliver investment outcomes. We have the capabilities relevant for today’s investment landscape. Spanning infrastructure, real estate, liquid strategies, private equity, and multi-asset solutions, we adapt our approach to suit our clients and the investment context.

Predictability has built our reputation. It’s in our DNA, embedded in our asset classes and delivered in our returns.  It’s what we pursue day in, day out for our clients and why over $78 billion dollars* of people’s dreams are entrusted with us.

The New Retail Revolution

The New Retail Revolution is a hub for retail business owners. It is a place for retailers to come to be supported, guided, directed, consulted, advised, trained, mentored and coached with an individual approach because as we know “One Size Does Not Fit All” in this industry.

The New Retail Revolution mantra is “Life is Retail, Retail is Life” as we believe the centre of the business universe is retail. Whatever business you are in, you have something to sell… A product, a service, your opinion, or your advice; otherwise you are not running a business.

However, business is much more than showing up every day and selling. It’s about people, it’s about systems, it’s about capital, it’s about cash flow, it’s about marketing, and it’s about training. But most important of all it’s about doing all of these things consistently well, day in day out.

With the evolution of technology, and the access of internet shopping to everyone with an iPhone or tablet in their hand, Joanna Arhontis, founder of The New Retail Revolution, was troubled by the constant outcry that “bricks and mortar stores are dying”. She does not believe this to be true and so has set about returning excitement and energy back to the retail game. She believes that Bricks and Mortar Stores are just as important as they have always been it is just that retailers need to work a bit differently.

With over 20 years of retail experience, Joanna has worked in all aspects of the retail game from SME, corporate stores and franchising, culminating in owning and running her own 200 square metre store filled with over 14,000 lines and half a million dollars worth of stock.

The New Retail Revolution team understand your problems and issues because they have worked through them before with other companies. Trust that they will give you amazing strategies and ideas to help you build the business that you love because they love it too. They will roll up their sleeves and hop into the trenches with you to give you the results that you are looking for.

If you are in retail then you have something to learn from Joanna and The New Retail Revolution team. Let them help you take your business to the next level.  Visit to find out more.

Space Planning Concepts

Practical, cost effective and innovative space design solutions for productivity and profitability!

Some objectives for business space design concepts:

  1. Trends and strategy considerations
  2. A Space Design Concept that enhances the business and delivers results
  3. Assists the business to achieve their vision in practical and cost effective ways
  4. Design spaces that are stimulating, achieve a point of difference, and inspire both the customer and staff that use them
  5. Assist the business to connect to their customers and staff and build loyalty
  6. Go beyond aesthetic considerations, to reflect the nature and purpose of the business

Focus of expertise:

  1. Retail concepts that drive sales
  2. Office concepts that optimize space utilization
  3.  Restaurants , diners and take outs, that give a great experience
  4.  Special projects that may combine various of the above factors

Visit the website to find out more.

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