Cashless Future

If sci-fi movies have taught us anything it’s that robots are coming, we will all pay for services using a chip in our arm and everything will be a hologram.

Although we aren’t quite there yet, we are close. Robots are already being integrated in the retail process, whether it be as chat bots or Pepper the world’s first robot that can read emotions developed by SoftBank, who is already being utilised in businesses across Japan.

Facetime is our first look into usable face to face mobile communication and holographic theme parks are currently being built at the Gold Coast.

Chips imbedded in our arms are still a while away, however cashless purchases and the increase of mobile purchases are causing concern for some in the industry.

Amex CEO and Chairman Ken Chenault isn’t losing any sleep over the transition. “The reality is from a form factor standpoint, I really don’t care if plastic goes away.”

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