The National Measurement Institute (NMI) undertakes major yearly compliance programs across industry sectors to make sure systems, such as shop scales, fuel dispensers, and utility meters, are reliable and deliver fair measure.

The program aims to ensure that measuring instruments are fit-for-purpose, measurements are made correctly and representations about measurements are accurate. Confidence in accurate measures delivers fewer disputes and lower transaction costs in commercial dealings, and a sound evidential basis for measurements.

NMI Legal Metrology General Manager, Bill Loizides, said “during times of financial pressure, high business and living costs impact both traders and consumers alike – and inaccurate trade measurements can significantly undercut value for money.”

The 2022-23 national compliance plan includes concentrated audits of over-the-counter transactions at:

  • Fruit and vegetable retailers
  • Meat, fish and poultry retailers
  • Delicatessens and small goods retailers

The plan also details audit, education and inspection programs, including:

  • Businesses in regional and remote areas
  • Business-to-business measurement
  • Fuel quality

Trade measurement inspectors will conduct:

  • 8,000 business audits
  • 2,000 ‘secret shopper’ trial purchases
  • 60,000 pre-packaged article lines tests
  • Fuel quality tests at 750 businesses nationwide

Mr Loizides noted that errors are mostly inadvertent and most businesses quickly correct their processes once they are pointed out. However, repeat and or severe offenders may face penalties ranging from fines through to prosecution.

See the 2022-2023 National Compliance Plan