The Franchisee Show


A new FREE-TO-AIR TV program called The Franchise Show, will launch Australia-wide on Channel 7, this Sunday 2 October.

Hosted by finance commentator and consumer advocate Effie Zahos, the weekly half-hour program will explore the positives, the pitfalls, and the personalities behind the growing franchising sector in Australia.

“Franchising is a fundamental cornerstone of Australia’s economy, and has never been more ready to embrace The Franchise Show,” Zahos said.

With one new franchise business opening every eight minutes, every business day, Australia is the most franchised country in the world, per capita.

The Franchise Show will explore the ups and downs of operating a franchise in this boom industry, and the real-life stories behind the industry’s growth.

TV journalists, business professionals, and industry experts such as the NRA’s own CEO Dominique Lamb, will also be joining Zahos throughout the series to provide viwers with tips and insights.

The show will explore a different area of franchising each series, with Australia’s largest multi-food franchisor Retail Food Group (RFG) partnering with the program for season one.

RFG owns multiple food chains operating in Australia including Donut King, Brumby’s Bakery, Michel’s Patisserie, Crust Pizza and Gloria Jeans.

Tune in this Sunday for the first episode!

The Franchise Show airs on Channel Seven, starting from Sunday 2 Oct at noon (see your local guide).

The Franchise Show – Extended Promo from Content247 on Vimeo.