Team Motivation 2 | NRA

This week NRA Training is travelling to Thursday Island to begin working with an NRA member,  Islanders Board of Industry & Service, (IBIS).
We will deliver a Certificate II in Retail Services to indigenous jobseekers who will be participating in face to face workshop training and work experience placement in the IBIS community stores.

This training will compliment the IBIS  induction program before commencing their work experience placement and will cover customer service, workplace health and safety, visual merchandising, and how to work effectively in a retail store.

Our NRA trainer will be working side by side with IBIS workplace trainers to ensure that the program is fully contextualised to their store needs.  The training program is partly funded through the Queensland Government, and on successful completion, participants will gain an accredited qualification, SIR20212 Certificate II in Retail Services.

If you would like more information on how NRA can work with your organisation to add value to your induction programs, please contact our Director/Training and Industry Projects, Yvonne Williams.