Eviction barred for six months in NSW

The National Cabinet has given the New South Wales government the power to ban evictions in “particular circumstances”. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has previously said he expects the ban period to be six months, which is the current predict for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

Last night in state parliament an amendment was proposed for the COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 “prohibiting the recovery of possession of premises by a landlord, owner, or proprietor of premises from a tenant or resident of the premises under the relevant Act in particular circumstances”. The bill will allow the Housing Minister to ban evictions for renters and commercial tenants through regulation. It also empowers the minister to call for rent freezes.

The amendment passed, and the prohibition applies to both the residential tenancies and retail leases act.

The National Cabinet will discuss a “national principles framework” for an eviction ban tonight.