NRA Legal offers advice tailored to your business, coupled with reliable and responsive service, to members and clients throughout Australia. 

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NRA Members get initial legal / human resource (HR) help FREE OF CHARGE.

NRA Members with a legal, HR or industrial relations problem can ring or submit an online contact us form and our experienced advisers will help to point you in the right direction at absolutely NO CHARGE.

It doesn’t matter how many times you use this facility in a year, it remains FREE OF CHARGE to Members*.

The services we provide as part of this offer include:

  • Current pay rates for employees; 
  • Award or Enterprise Agreement queries; 
  • Guidance on performance management, disciplinary procedures and termination; 
  • How to deal with discrimination and sexual harassment complaints; 
  • How to deal with bullying complaints; 
  • Leave entitlements of employees; 
  • Workers’ compensation queries; 
  • Workplace health and safety queries; and 
  • General consumer law information.

Compared with paying for advice from private law firms, you only really need to use this service once or twice per year and you’ve probably covered your NRA Membership subscription.

If you aren’t a member, this service is immediately available as soon as you join up. Click here to learn more about memberships or call us today on 1800 RETAIL (1800 738 245).

What services AREN’T included as part of this offer?

  • Contracts, policies and procedures; 
  • Templates for job descriptions; 
  • Warning letters, cease and desist letters, termination letters; 
  • Representation in tribunals and commissions (for example in unfair dismissal or general protection claims); 
  • Negotiating and drafting Enterprise Agreements; and 
  • Investigations (for example a bullying investigation). 

If you find yourself in a position where you need services that are not part of the offer, we will always provide you with a fee estimate prior to performing any work. That way costs are never going to surprise you.

*Please note that certain Members may have special membership arrangements where this may not apply.

Affordable rates – not-for-profit means great value.

NRA Legal is not-for-profit. We are here to serve our Members. Typically, the rates we charge for fee-for-service legal and HR work are about 40 – 60% of what you would pay to lawyers in private practice. That adds up to great value for you.

Non-Members can access these great rates too simply by joining. Click here to learn more about memberships or call us today on 1800 RETAIL (738 245).

So where is the line between Member free advice and fee-for-service legal work?

Generally, we’ll help you understand your problem, explain the risks and possible consequences and provide general advice on what you need to do next – all FREE OF CHARGE. For Members, we may also refer you to information, fact sheets and resources within our online Member Portal – also FREE OF CHARGE.

Often though, you will need more. For example, you may need a legal agreement or a formal notice or letter drafted, or if you get into a dispute, you may need a lawyer to represent you. These will be fee-for-service – but at NRA Legal’s highly competitive rates.

If our lawyers/consultants believe it is important for you to take these extra steps, they will explain why. And, before you proceed, they will clarify which services are free, which are paid for, and provide a fee estimate range for the work. Usually, there will be risks in not following such advice and taking short cuts. But of course, our Members and clients are free to make those decisions as they see fit.

Clear, practical advice – we specialise in retail and all fast services outlets. 

When you explain your legal and/or HR issue to us, it is highly likely that we have experienced a situation just like yours before – with only minor differences.

This is because legal and HR in retail and fast service outlets is all we do.

So we’ll know the law. We’ll help you understand the consequences of different actions. What you can and can’t do legally. We’ll know whether something is urgent or highly risky. Basically, we’ll know what to do and help you do it.

This means that by working with us you’ll usually save time and money in getting your problem resolved.

REMEMBER, NRA Members get initial advice FREE OF CHARGE and any follow up work is at highly competitive prices because we are a not-for-profit organisation.

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Spring Members’ Specials

Employee Handbook 

Get your comprehensive Employee Handbook today!

Normally $3,000, Now $2,000

The purpose of the Handbook is to:

  • Identify the core values of the company that guide everyday decisions
  • Outline expectations and standards, and
  • Inform the employee of policies and procedures.

The Handbook is designed to assist both the employee and the company understand and manage employment obligations in the context of relevant laws and regulations.  As a guide, and without limitation, the laws which govern the employment include:

  • the Fair Work Act 2009;
  • the Fair Work Regulations 2009;
  • State workplace health and safety legislation; and
  • State industrial relations legislation.

Contact for your copy of the Employee Handbook!

*Prices exclude GST. Offers valid for NRA members only. Offers expire 30 November 2017. Please contact us at for more information.


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