The NRA works actively with governments and department officers to ensure the interests and needs of the retail and services sectors are protected and promoted.

As an industry association, NRA takes its obligation seriously to influence government policy and keep public debate focused on key business issues. NRA’s member engagement programs help to identify issues of concern for business and industry and help direct NRA’s policy and lobbying strategies on behalf of members. NRA also undertakes its own industry research aimed to inform policy and practice in the retail sector.

It is through these processes that NRA does collectively for business and industry what individual businesses struggle to achieve alone.

Power Cost & Supply Access Survey

The National Retail Association are conducting a survey to discover how much retailers are paying for electricity and from where they obtain their supply.  In this context, electricity suppliers are either Retail Electricity Companies (e.g. Origin, Energex, etc.) or Embedded Network Managers (shopping centres).
In addition, we are interested to know how many retailers within shopping centres are able to take advantage of recent legislative changes which encourage the use of metering technology, allowing retailers to be able to choose their own electricity supplier. The aim of these changes is to promote competition and reduce costs. The survey asks for information for single stores. Where a retailer has more than one outlet the survey allows for multiple stores to be entered. We would appreciate receiving data on all of your stores or any number of them, as time permits.
The results of this survey will help us better represent the interests of retailers with the regulators.


NRA committees and industry engagement activities ensure that NRA’s policies accurately mirror the views of its members. 

> Advocacy

> QLD Bag Ban

> NRA SAFECITY NETWORK – Combating retail crime

Industry Intelligence

> Leasing & Tenancy Advice



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