Furniture and television tip-over prevention

NRA Best practice guide 

Young children can suffer serious injuries from falling furniture and televisions. Some injuries are fatal, with up to two children dying in Australia each year.

The National Retail Association has developed a best practice guide to help retailers, as well as manufacturers and other stakeholders, address the hazard.

The guide focuses on key strategies of improving stability through design, pre-installing anchor devices and educating consumers at point of sale. 

The best practice guide contains advice on:

  • furniture design
  • roles for manufacturers, importers and retailers
  • anchoring devices
  • user instructions
  • consumer education
Download the free guide here >>

Customer education 

Educating customers at point of sale is a key part of best practice. The guide emphasises the opportunity that retailers have to alert customers at the time of sale and provide supporting material.

Retailers should arrange to print copies of the consumer information postcard and maintain stocks.

Please note: No corporate logos are permitted to be added onto the postcard which carries the Australian Consumer Law logo.

Download the postcard here >>