The NRA has launched a new traineeship hotline (1300 198 396) to help retailers to find out more about the opportunities available in their region.

Retailers can now ring the toll free number 1300 198 396 and our friendly consultants will answer any questions about traineeships, how they work, financial incentives and how they can help to grow your businesses!

Retail Traineeships

Retail traineeships offer employers cost effective ways to train staff to the business’ specific needs and employees  the opportunity to earn an income while training in a structured course.  

A trainee can  be a school-leaver, a person re-entering the workforce or an adult worker simply wishing to change careers. You can even employ trainees part-time while they are still at high school through a School-Based Traineeship.  

To help you employ a trainee the Australian Government provides eligible businesses with financial incentives under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program.

For more information about traineeships and Government funding opportunities, call our toll free number 1800 198 396 or complete an online enquiry form.

Training Agreements are established between the employer and employee for a nominated period of time.  

Trainees will receive regular contact from the NRA trainers in the workplace through face to face visits, in workshops or online. 

Traineeships are flexible and adjust to any business. 


Retail traineeships not only provide your employees with a career pathway and increase retention, they provide many other benefits for employers:

  • Trained staff have a better understanding of your business, procedures and policies;
  • By applying  new knowledge in the workplace, trained staff become more empowered and enthusiastic;
  • Trained Staff are more productive, efficient and develop better customer service skills; and
  • On completion your employee receives a nationally recognised qualification making your training more tangible.


Government incentives and payroll tax concessions are available for your business increasing the bottom line through cutting operating costs (*for eligible participants).

School Based Trainees

School based trainees are the best way to combine training and employment, by training junior staff to meet your business’ needs while they are still at high school. School based employees are trained in competency based training that focuses on skilling staff in areas which have direct impact on the business, such as customer service, inventory management, loss prevention, safety.


  • Allows junior staff to learn the practical skills that employers need in their business;
  • Provides the opportunity for young people to gain valuable work experience and start to earn a wage;
  • Gives younger workers a head start on gaining a Nationally Recognised Qualification for their future career; and
  • NRA can deliver to School Based trainees in Queensland at no cost to the employer .


Employers that employ school based trainees undertaking a Certificate II in Retail Services (SIR20216) or a Certificate III in Retail Operations (SIR30216) can attract State Government incentive funding up to $1,500* for each school based trainee (*for eligible participants).

There are no training costs outlay from the employer payable to the NRA.

How NRA Can Help You

  • Help you find you all the information you need;
  • Show you how to choose the right retail qualification to fit your business;
  • Link you to an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider to sign up your trainee;
  • Deliver training in your workplace in a way that suits your business needs; and
  • Keep in touch with you and your employee to make sure you’re on the right path.