Container Deposit Scheme for Victoria

In a clear and concise Facebook post earlier this morning, Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews announced that Victoria will be the latest state adopted a container deposit scheme.

The problem with drink containers

  • They are the second most commonly littered item (after cigarette butts).
  • They pollute the natural environment and litter streets, parks and waterways.
  • Nearly all drink containers can be recycled however most end up in landfill, and are not recycled.

Container Deposit Schemes / Container Refund Schemes

Multiple states and territories have introduced schemes which enable and incentivise the recycling of beverage containers. These schemes involve extensive government and business collaboration and are proving to be highly successful in increasing recycling rates.




We’re introducing a container deposit scheme in Victoria.

It will reduce litter and waste. And it’s just one part of a massive overhaul of our state’s recycling industry.

The National Retail Association has worked with several state governments on the rollout of container deposit schemes. Director of Policy at the National Retail Association, David Stout, is excited by the news.

“The Association supports a nationally consistent rollout of the Container Deposit Schemes. We will continue to act to support the retailers interests as this scheme gets underway.”



The National Retail Association continues to provide advice and input on behalf of retailers in our role state based Container Deposit Schemes.

Retailers interested in providing feedback, or seeking more information, should contact the NRA Policy team at