Fitting out a storefront is often complicated and costly – especially if you’re a start-up or online retailer looking to test the market via a pop-up store. You may even be an established retailer but are looking to move or trial new locations. Then every year or two, the retail model evolves, producing exciting new concepts and retailers evolve their shop fit-outs once again.

But what happens to all the old store fittings and equipment?

It is estimated that nearly 150,000 tonnes of store equipment is sent to landfill each year across Australia.

Some of this equipment is modern, high quality and in perfect condition, but recycling, selling or repurposing it is often overlooked when a store closes or moves.

On average a fit-out can cost $2000 per sqm and up to $50,000 pa. That’s a lot of expensive landfill.


So what can be done? Meet Pop up on Demand.

Pop up on Demand sources and repurposes equipment from existing quality retailers, and then rents it to other retailers seeking a short term, cost-effective fit-out solution.

Their packages include the latest POS solutions, racks & displays, portable changing rooms, shelves, cabinets, display tables, mannequins, and an innovative digital visual merchandising solution which can replace the need for copious amounts of printed signage or big screen TVs. Importantly, this equipment has already met the high standards required by shopping centres.

They also install and remove the equipment for no extra cost. The business has operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane so far.

Executive Director and ex-retailer Adrian Jones commented:

“Having opened and closed so many stores over the years, the cost and waste always simply annoyed me, but that was the model we had. Now we have an innovative solution for retail equipment leasing. We rent cars, homes and even dresses, so why not equipment for stores?”

What you do:

  • Jump on their website and have a look at the ranges and packages available.
  • Select how many items you need & how long for to see pricing, or contact them for a custom solution.

What it costs:

  • The longer you need it, the cheaper it gets.
  • Starts at $300/wk for 12 piece package for a 12 week term. Metro delivery, set up and pack down included.
  • If you need less items and less time prices start at $550/wk for 4 pieces. Metro delivery $200, set up and pack down included.


Post Covid-19, as we start to venture out again and businesses consider new ways of working, this could offer a timely and cost-effective option. Plus it’s a great step forward in reducing impact on the environment and waste.



Pop up on Demand is not a sponsor of the National Retail Association.

The National Retail Association is extensively involved in sustainability initiatives, including lightweight plastic bags and other single-use plastics bans across all jurisdictions. We represent retailer perspectives and ultimately encourage national consistency to prevent negative impacts and confusion. 

Retailers seeking more information, clarification or personalised advice on how to successfully manage sustainability initiatives should contact the NRA Policy team at












It’s estimated that up to 150,000 tonnes of retail equipment ends up in landfill every year, creating avoidable waste and unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

As the retail model evolves, new design concepts are produced, retailers replace their shop fit outs and unwanted furniture and fixtures taking up valuable floor space are discarded. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on bricks-n-mortar stores with many retailers closing, relocating or re-examining their store footprint.


and start-up retailers may be hesitantly setting up a physical presence or pop-up store.

In a post COVID-19 environment,



For start-up retailers, setting up a retail store can be expensive, stressful and time consuming.




For online and offline brands, setting up a physical retail store with furniture and fixtures can be expensive, stressful and time consuming.

Pop Up On Demand is a business to business platform that helps retailers and landlords recycle their unused furniture and fixtures for the next generation of retailers to use. Furniture rental is an affordable and sustainable way to set up your retail store, pop up store, exhibition or warehouse sale and prevents excess unwanted goods going to landfill.

Rental terms are from 1 week to 36 months and essential products available for hire include portable changing rooms, shelves, cabinets, display tables, mannequins, clothes racks and POS terminals.