Did you know that retail crime, such as shoplifting, robbery and vandalism, costs Australian businesses up to $9 billion each year?

Retail crime costs us all. Every single incident erodes profitability for businesses, increases the cost of goods to consumers, endangers frontline staff while also wasting their time, and ultimately reduces the appeal of our retail precincts to customers.

Considering the impact of retail crime, it’s astonishing to know that an estimated less than 20% of retail crimes are reported to police.

The National Retail Association is helping retailers stay informed and involved through research, meetings and projects. One such project is our Safer Retail Precincts which aims to help create vibrant retail precincts through shared intelligence, collaboration and vigilance.

The National Retail Association also coordinates Retail Crime Committees with two meetings conducted per year in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.



Survey Information: Retail Theft – Verbal and Physical Aggression Survey 2018 (PDF)

State/Territory Online Crime Reporting

Not all state and territory police offer direct online crime reporting. In the absence of an online portal, police recommend reporting via Crime Stoppers.

Australian Capital Territory Crime Stoppers > 

New South Wales Police >

Northern Territory Crime Stoppers >

Queensland Police >

South Australia Crime Stoppers >

Tasmania Crime Stoppers >

Victoria Police > 

Western Australia Crime Stoppers > 

Retail Crime Committees

The National Retail Association’s state-based Retail Crime Committees bring together law enforcement, retailers and specialists to discuss the challenges of retail crime, loss prevention and increasing safety for customers and employees.

The Committees aim to give loss specialists and managers in retail organisations the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and learn from peers in the retail industry and thought leaders on current issues and potential solutions.
  • Engage in dialogue to provide thoughts to generate discussions between the retail sector, law enforcement and government regulators about the issues concerning each business and help shape the change or development of retail policy.
  • Keep up to date with changes, trends and ideas in the innovation and technology space and trial new initiatives.
  • Network and develop relationships with other professionals and specialists.
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue with peers and specialists via the National Retail Association’s private Retail Crime Committee Linkedin Group.


Engaging real retailers

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David Stout

David Stout

Director Policy National Retail Association
David is a highly-respected senior executive across a wide range of retail sectors including corporate affairs, operations, customer insights, finance, procurement, risk and regulation, stakeholder engagement, community and supply chain.  He is favourably regarded as a bipartisan and ethical operative in best practice across retail and corporate industry, regional and urban councils, local and state governments, and is currently involved in multiple advisory groups / committees.
Ebony Johnson

Ebony Johnson

Project Manager, Policy National Retail Association
As Project Manager in the Policy team, Ebony brings a strong background across the retail and hospitality sectors in project management, stakeholder relations, marketing, events and communications. Ebony provides project management expertise to multiple projects, including NRA’s bag ban programs, sustainability, product safety, retail crime and committees.
Trevor O’Hara

Trevor O’Hara

Project Manager, Safe Retail Precincts National Retail Association
Having recently completed his previous role as CEO for Crime Stoppers Queensland for over 12 years, Trevor O'Hara is well acquainted with managing and overseeing complex business operations, with demonstrated accomplishments surrounding community safety enhancement, innovation, change management, strategic stakeholder management, contact centre services, team and capacity building.
Ginny Morris

Ginny Morris

Project Officer - Safe Retail Precincts National Retail Association
With 12 years’ experience in retail, Ginny is a devoted and professional trainer and facilitator with strong operational and management acumen extending across retail, hospitality, and customer-focused businesses.
Lily Charlton

Lily Charlton

Administration Officer, Policy National Retail Association
Lily Charlton provides a high level of professionalism and organisation, assisting with the NRA Policy team's extensive range of retail committees, state-wide bag ban programs and retail crime initiatives.