Bag bans across Australia

  • The VIC bag ban came into effect 1 November 2019.
  • The WA bag ban came into effect 1 January 2019.
  • The QLD bag ban came into effect 1 July 2018.
  • The TAS bag ban came into effect November 2013.
  • The NT bag ban came into effect September 2011.
  • The ACT bag ban came into effect November 2011.
  • The SA bag ban came into effect May 2009.
  • The NSW Government has announced its intention to introduce a ban soon.

To help retailers who operate across multiple states, the NRA has created a website which summarises all bag ban legislation in Australia.


NRA action

The NRA Policy team has officially partnered with the QLD, WA and VIC state governments to:

  • ensure retailer concerns and real-world challenges are represented to government;
  • encourage nationally-consistent legislation that does not discriminate between retail sizes or types;
  • provide comprehensive education programs to help retailers navigate the new laws.

Over the past 3 years, the NRA’s Bag Ban Retailer Transition Programs have delivered:

  • education of over 30,000 retailers in metro, regional and remote shopping precincts across 3 states;
  • a dedicated tollfree hotline (1800 817 723) to answer retailer queries about the bans;
  • 3 dedicated state-based websites to provide information that’s relevant and practical for business;
  • downloadable resources and government-endorsed signage to help retailers to inform their customers;
  • social media campaigns to celebrate real-world businesses offering more sustainable solutions;
  • large-scale marketing campaigns in QLD & WA shopping centres; and
  • investigating reports of non-compliant bags in QLD, WA and VIC to ensure all retailers are fairly held to the same standards after bans are implemented.


Retailer resources

A key part of the NRA’s Bag Ban Programs are 3 dedicated websites (see links below) which explain the bans in detail, provide advice on how to manage the transition as a business, and provide signage and resources for retailers to download and display in their store. The NRA team are also out on the street actively engaging with retailers about the ban, so there’s hundreds of photos on the websites so you can see how real-world retailers are managing the bans.

Get involved

National Retail Association Sustainability Committee

Sustainability is a broad and vastly different proposition for the various channels of retail, however all have a commitment to the community and social responsibility.

The National Retail Association (NRA) Sustainability Committee seeks to minimise impact on the environment, whilst maintaining reputation and meeting the current and future expectations of customers.

The NRA’s Sustainability Committee aims to:

  • bring together experts from across the retail industry, government and associated stakeholders to continue the momentum of positive sustainability regulations;
  • consider the impact of retail activities upon sustainability, the community and environment;
  • consider the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, such as policy and industry mechanisms;
  • contribute expertise to ensure sustainability policy is commercially viable and delivers sustainable outcomes;
  • provide a non-competitive forum for key industry and government stakeholders to network and share insight;
  • engage in ongoing dialogue between peers and specialists via the NRA’s private Sustainability Committee Linkedin Group.

Contact our bag ban experts

Call the NRA’s Tollfree Bag Ban Hotline: 1800 817 723

or email our dedicated teams:

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David Stout

David Stout

Director Policy National Retail Association
David is a highly-respected senior executive across a wide range of retail sectors including corporate affairs, operations, customer insights, finance, procurement, risk and regulation, stakeholder engagement, community and supply chain.  He is favourably regarded as a bipartisan and ethical operative in best practice across retail and corporate industry, regional and urban councils, local and state governments, and is currently involved in multiple advisory groups / committees.
Ebony Johnson

Ebony Johnson

Project Manager, Policy National Retail Association
As Project Manager in the Policy team, Ebony brings a strong background across the retail, textile, and hospitality sectors in project management, stakeholder relations, marketing and communications. Ebony provides project management expertise to multiple projects, including sustainability, product safety, retail crime and committees.