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RainCheck: the new on-demand shopping experience

October 06, 2017

RainCheck is a platform that transcends the digital and physical worlds for retail shopping.

It allows people to save items they discover online and request availability from store associates nearby, creating an on-demand shopping experience.

With 90% of people discovering and researching new products online, 90% of transactions in retail still occur offline in-store. However, once someone that has discovered a product online and abandoned the purchase, there is no way of knowing if that discovery resulted in a purchase offline.

With the arrival and early success of both Click & Collect and In-store Pickup, it is obvious that people want to know the right size and colour of the product is in-stock before making the purchase. Due to the disparate nature of tech systems in today’s retail operations, stock inventory levels in each store are often only known by the store associates at any given time. 

Online and offline experience united

RainCheck has built a platform that can finally close the loop between the Online & Offline shopping experience. The platform allows people to save items they discover online and request availability from store associates nearby, creating an on-demand shopping experience. Store Associates are rewarded for providing the service and are able to earn additional revenue.

Both Shoppers and Store Associates can rate each other and become connected to be notified of any deals that may be on in-store. The RainCheck App allows for a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payment process between the two apps. In many ways, it is “UBER for shopping”.

For retail brands, the basket size is a lot higher up to 4x for an omni-channel customer that shops both online and in-store. For the shopper, there is both an option to receive an on-demand shopping experience and in-store experience.

See how it works. Download the app today!

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