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by Aaron Blackman CEO of Retail Express.

Key insights across the retail industry from November 2016

November 2016 VS October 2016


Sporting takes a dive in November sales

Given the exceptional performance of all retail sectors last month, it’s not surprising that many retailers didn’t follow the same upward trend this month. Sporting was the biggest hit experiencing a more than 12% drop on last month and nearly 7% on the same month last year.

Furniture creeps up

Furniture was a super high performer last month with almost 35% growth on the month prior and that trend continued this month with a 3% growth on last month proving positive results for the Furniture and Homewares industry as we move head on into Christmas.

Pre-Christmas sales

Contrary to usual pre-Christmas retail behaviour, many sales are beginning prior to Christmas as opposed to the traditional Boxing Day sales. Many Furniture, Homewares and Electronics retailers have introduced 40-50% off sales leading into the Christmas season and the results suggest this tactic may be paying off with a slight improvement on last year’s results as well.

Fashion leads the way compared with last year

There were very small improvements on the super high performing month of October but Fashion outperformed itself compared with the same period last year. It was a slight upward trend of just over 2% but still a positive result none the less. Given Fashion’s seasonal dependence, the weather may have impacted this positive movement compared with last year.



As we move into the last and most important month of the year for retailers across Australia, we look forward to bringing you very positive sales results next month as we report on Christmas sales and activity across the 3 major sectors of Fashion, Furniture and Sporting. Be sure to follow me above to see the results.

Written by Aaron Blackman CEO of Retail Express. Retail data drawn from

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