Security and Safe Retail Precincts

The Queensland Police Service have recommended all businesses check their security measures following a spate of break and enter offences.

In multiple cases, offenders have turned off the power to a premises, which deactivated alarms and CCTV systems. The loss of these security measures make a premises vulnerable to criminals and prevent any evidence from being captured. Backup batteries for alarms, CCTV systems and computers require ongoing inspection to ensure they are capable of working when the power is disconnected.

Securing your store is just as important as welcoming the customers and this requires management to constantly reassess systems, in order to reduce the opportunity for illegal activities to occur.

The loss of trade as a result of crime or neglect may prevent your business from being able to service customers at any time in the future, so we recommend reviewing your business operations, to help ensure your trade is not interrupted.

We recommend using the following resources to identify and reduce the risk to your business.














Assistance for retailers

The National Retail Association is currently developing specific tools and training to help retailers deal with all aspects of retail crime such as security systems, break-ins, identifying suspicious behaviour, loss prevention and ensuring team and customer safety and wellbeing.

Read more about the Safe Retail Precincts project and explore relevant resources here.

If you require any assistance or personalised advice for your business, please contact the Safe Retail Precincts team at