Donate Your Waste

The National Retail Association has welcomed the Queensland Government’s review of the Containers for Change initiative to increase the types of containers that are eligible for the successful 10-cent refund scheme.

NRA Director of Policy David Stout said expanding the scope to include wine and spirit bottles will make recycling easier for consumers and prevent millions of containers from ending up in waterways.

“We welcome sensible and considered increases in the scope to include wine and spirit bottles and other containers. The scheme will benefit from a greater volume of reusable material leading to better recycling and circular economy outcomes.

“Consumers have actively embraced the scheme and participation in the circular economy through a state-wide network that reaches most of the population to recover and recycle 65 percent of beverage containers.

“However, it is time to consider how we can expand these initiatives to include more material and increase the number of containers being recycled.”

Mr. Stout said Queensland’s container refund scheme has already delivered several environmental and community benefits.

“Containers for Change has become a key part of environmental stewardship by the retail sector, through which we have seen a reduction in the amount of waste in landfill, an increasing participation in the circular economy, and small business and community groups benefiting from a stable cash flow.

“The material streams in most cases have been in high demand as consumers are rewarded for taking recycling into their own hands.”

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