Come along to the first NRA SafeCity Network Crime Update meetings. Hear about crime trends from the NRA and CrimeStoppers and share your experiences with other retailers.

Early July 2018
Brisbane and Fortitude Valley – Details to be confirmed shortly.

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Retail Crime: What is it costing you?

Did you know that retail crime, such as shoplifting, robbery and vandalism, costs Australian businesses up to $9 billion each year?

Retail crime costs us all. Every single incident erodes profitability for business, increases the cost of goods to consumers, endangers frontline staff while also wasting their time, and ultimately reduces the appeal of our retail precincts to customers.

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But it’s estimated that less than 20% of retail crimes are reported to Police.

Why? Many retailers indicate that they do not report all retail crime for many reasons including the amount of paperwork involved, the time and staff wasted in administrative tasks, and because they perceive a low likelihood of achieving recompense. However, this means the amount of information received by the police about retail crimes is a mere fraction of what is actually occurring in the community.

Similarly, the amount of information that retailers are receiving about retail crime is a fraction of what it could be. If retailers could be better informed about serious repeat offenders in their geographic location, or about local crime and trends, they could take more targeted actions to help themselves and prevent or reduce crime in their own businesses.

The NRA SafeCity Network

The NRA is seeking to bring together retailers, government, law enforcement agencies, and the public to create safer cities and vibrant retail precincts by launching the NRA SafeCity Network.

We are launching the NRA SafeCity Network as a 12-month trial in Brisbane CBD and Fortitude Valley, aimed at increasing collaboration and insight between retailers to reduce retail crime. If the trial proves successful, the program may be rolled out nation-wide.

The trial is being conducted with the support of Brisbane City Council, CrimeStoppers, loss prevention specialists, and local retailers. The trial is free for all retailers with at least ONE store in Brisbane City or Fortitude Valley.

By reducing crime over the long term, the program aims to attract more shoppers and visitors to the city centre and ultimately create a more vibrant, safer Brisbane.

What’s in it for my business?

Retailers participating in the NRA SafeCity Network will:

  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with similar businesses in their own area to learn from shared experiences of retail crime.
  • Get exclusive access to a sophisticated crime-reporting software platform which also provides data to help you identify criminals and crime trends.
  • Get exclusive access to a Retail Crime Hotline with CrimeStoppers for the duration of the trial.
  • Receive crime alerts about known offenders and crime trend bulletins to help your team be more aware and prepared.
  • Improve profitability by taking action against the costs of crime on your business.

How do I get involved?

The NRA SafeCity Network is free for all retailers with at least ONE store in Brisbane City or Fortitude Valley who participate in the 12-month trial which commences 1 March 2018.

Connect with other retailers to help reduce retail crime.

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Have queries? Not within the trial area but still interested?

Contact David Stout, Manager of Policy & Industry, at or call 1800 RETAIL (1800 738 245).