Why train with the National Retail Association?

The National Retail Association (RTO registration code 0712) is one of Australia’s leading Training Organisations for the retail industry. Our experienced Training Team delivers a wide range of qualifications and courses nationally.

Up-skilling your existing staff through training or employing trainees provides real benefits to your business.

Investing in training shows that your business values its staff and you are more likely to retain them.

Keeping current with technology changes
Retail and technology is constantly changing. Regular training ensures your staff keep up with your compliance and the latest technology.

Better job satisfaction
Staff training supports your staff to up-skill and take on new roles resulting in better job satisfaction and more motivated staff.

Keeping competitive
Ensuring your employees’ skills and knowledge are up-to-date can grow your business and boost its competitiveness.

Grow your business
Training is an investment in your business and in your industry. The return is a loyal workforce with the right skills for your workplace.

Each year, the NRA Training Team helps retailers around Australia train staff, increase sales and improve management practices through our real-world programs. All training programs are customised to specific requirements, and we work closely with both employers and individuals to recognise any existing skills to ensure that our training is complementary to the needs of each unique business and person.

Technology in Retail

The continuing increased demand from customers for online and social media interactions means that technology is an essential area for all businesses to be competent in and can help improve your business. However, many retailers are unsure of where to start.
We have a number of projects and activities that can help retailers decide what to spend time and money on for the best return in investment.

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Small Business Online Training Program

The Small Business Online Training Program has been developed by the National Retail Association with support from the Queensland Government to deliver free online training and learning opportunities for COVID-19 impacted small businesses.

With short courses covering everything from sales and marketing and leadership skills to analysing and strategising for your business, the Program provides free on-demand learning to business owners.

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People Leadership Program

Many organisations are investing in education to ensure their managers and leaders have the skills to lead their teams and future workforce effectively. Our People Leadership Program is a comprehensive program that delivers critical skills such as effective communication, negotiation and resilience.

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Ready for Retail

Retail is the second largest employing industry in Australia.  It is the largest employer of young workers and women, and offers job opportunities in all regions.  Retail is a fantastic way for people to start their working life, or to make a career change into.

The NRA has delivered our Ready for Retail course to over 500 participants over the last 3 years, with high job outcomes and course completion rates.

We collaborate with community organisations, job actives and businesses that share our core value of preparing people from diverse backgrounds to work effectively in the retail industry.

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Accredited Qualifications

The NRA Training and Development team specialise in retail training and offer the following accredited training courses.

  • Certificate I in Retail Services
  • Certificate II in Retail Services
  • Certificate III in Retail Services
  • Certificate IV in Retail Management
  • Diploma of Retail Leadership

For more information about these courses, call our tollfree number 1800 732 066 or click below.

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Food Safety Training

Food Safety training provides you with an extensive understanding of the role a Food Safety Supervisor must play within the workplace.

Whether you are legally required to or not, having a qualified food safety supervisor in your team can only benefit your business.

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Professional Development and Workshops

NRA has developed a suite of Professional Development and Workshop sessions to choose from that can be customised and delivered in your business at times convenient to your team.

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Foundation Skills for your Future Program

The National Retail Association has joined the panel of pre-approved service providers (registered training organisations) available to support employers, industry organisations, and participants, to develop and deliver the Australian Government’s $52.5 million Foundation Skills for Your Future Program over four years, to 30 June 2023. We will do this by supporting Australians as they undertake further education and training, remain in employment, or change jobs.

The National Retail Association will support eligible Australians to develop critical language, literacy, numeracy, and digital (LLND) skills that are required by employers and industry, to meet current and future skills needs.


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VET Industry Engagement

NRA holds a VET Industry Advisory Organisation (VETIAO) Services Agreements with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training for the provision of Industry Intelligence related to Queensland retail.

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Retail Career Resources

Jobs in retail are often considered to be something people do while they’re studying or waiting to enter another workforce. However, the Australian retail industry is vibrant and ever changing with opportunity for career advancement and job satisfaction. In every sector, the retail industry is changing rapidly as it adjusts to service customers who through technology have much more choice. This is bringing exciting new trends and innovations to the industry.
Employing over 400,000 young people Australia wide, the Retail industry is made up of many different sectors, each offering rewarding career pathways. You can download and read about some of these on our free Retail is Your Future resources.

Acknowledgement: These resources have been adapted from Service Skills South Australia’s, Retail Executive Program.

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View our NRA Student Attendance and Academic Progression Policy.

Our Student Handbook provides you with all you need to know about our courses and what you may expect during your time with us.

The NRA RTO registration code is 0712.

As a Skills Assure Supplier The National Retail Association is required to publish audit information in relation to our compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). Please click here to view a summary of the AQTF audit information.

RTO registration code 0712