The National Retail Association has joined the panel of pre-approved service providers (registered training organisations) available to support employers, industry organisations, and participants, to develop and deliver the Australian Government’s $52.5 million Foundation Skills for Your Future Program over four years, to 30 June 2023. We will do this by supporting Australians as they undertake further education and training, remain in employment, or change jobs.

The National Retail Association will support eligible Australians to develop critical language, literacy, numeracy, and digital (LLND) skills that are required by employers and industry, to meet current and future skills needs.


Program Benefits

To support each participant’s LLND skills learning needs, the program provides flexible training options for eligible participants, that are aimed up to a Certificate II level.

To support them in the workplace, eligible employed, or recently unemployed, Australians can undertake free accredited and non-accredited training to improve their English, oral and written communications skills, reading skills, mathematical skills, and digital skills.

Employers or industry organisations who identify employees with LLND skills development needs, can engage the National Retail Association to develop tailored accredited and/or non-accredited training for the workplace by:

  • identifying workplace and employee LLND skills needs
  • collaborating to develop a training model that supports the workplace environment
  • supporting participants to maximise the training benefits
  • supporting the evaluation of the effectiveness of the LLND skills training

If you are an employer looking to develop your workforce to meet current and future skills needs, contact us to discuss how we can work with you to develop tailored training that meets your workplace needs.


Who should do this course?

Participants for the program must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • aged 15 years and over;
  • have left secondary school education; and
  • be employed OR recently unemployed (within the past nine months) and are not registered with an Australian Government employment service provider.

Employees are ineligible for free LLND training under the Foundation Skills for Your Future Program, if they are eligible for funding through an existing Commonwealth, state and territory subsidised or partially subsidised language, literacy, numeracy, and/or digital skills training program.

You may not be eligible for free Australian Government training under the Foundation Skills for Your Future Program if you are:

  • a full time student
  • enrolled, or eligible to be enrolled, in the Australian Government’s Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) or the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program; or
  • enrolled, or eligible to be enrolled in an, existing Commonwealth, state or territory subsidised or partially subsidised language, literacy, numeracy and/or digital skills training program


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