Retail is the second largest employing industry in Australia.  It is the largest employer of young workers and women, and offers job opportunities in all regions.  Retail is a fantastic way for people to start their working life, or to make a career change into.

The NRA has delivered our Ready for Retail course to over 500 participants over the last 3 years, with high job outcomes and course completion rates.

We collaborate with community organisations, job actives and businesses that share our core value of preparing people from diverse backgrounds to work effectively in the retail industry.

Our Ready for Retail course focusses on developing sales and customer service skills, and is complemented by a work experience component.   Over six weeks, participants attend training two days a week and focus on job seeking skills and work experience for one day a week. Our resources have been designed over time to be visual and written in plain English, and our assessments are user friendly.

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