Workjam & the Reject Shop

WorkJam – the leading digital workplace for organisations with frontline employees – has announced an Australian retail client win, The Reject Shop, expanding their APAC client portfolio.

WorkJam aims to provide streamlined communication to The Reject Shop employees, working with more than 4,500 employees across 374 locations.

The partnership will see communication enhanced across the team, to improve task management operations and encourage the completion of training modules.

The implementation of WorkJam will replace The Reject Shop’s internal tools with a single app – this will assist in training, task management workflows and real-time communications.

The Reject Shop will embed the WorkJam platform to drive productivity, performance, direct communication and accelerate training for its team members.

General Manager of Operations at The Reject Shop, Paul Calvert, believes the partnership will better the working experience of frontline employees.

“WorkJam offers The Reject Shop a unique way to engage and encourage our team members to complete their learning modules and assessment. The all-in-one app will enhance our current communication method and improve task management among team members.”

WorkJam Australia Managing Director APAC Andrew Myers says, “The team at WorkJam are incredibly excited to drive productivity, performance and improve communication across The Reject Shop’s 374 locations.”

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