Trans Inclusive Workplaces Trans Flag

The National Retail Association (NRA) has called for greater awareness and action to support transgender people in the retail industry, as it marks ‘Wear it Purple’ Day by launching a new publication for employers, the ‘Guide to Creating Trans Inclusive Workplaces’.

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb highlighted, “As the largest employer of young people in Australia, the retail industry has an important role to play in supporting LGBTIQ+ youth.”

“The NRA has created the Retail Industry’s first ever ‘Guide to Creating Trans Inclusive Workplaces’ to provide retailers with the knowledge and tools they need to better support transgender employees in the workplace.”

The Guide explains important concepts, addresses common mistakes and misunderstandings, and educates businesses on steps they can take to create a more inclusive workplace for trans employees.

To launch the Guide, the NRA is highlighting the voices of trans people by hosting a panel discussion with members from the trans community, featuring speakers from headspace and LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. The panel will discuss their experiences at work, what barriers and discrimination trans people face in the workplace, and what steps employers can take to support trans employees to bring their whole selves to work.

“The NRA understands that it’s not enough to pay lip service to diversity and inclusion. By providing businesses with this knowledge and support, we can make the retail industry a safer and more inclusive place for everyone.”

“The NRA has a long history of supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and we are proud to continue this record as the first industry association to actively promote transgender inclusion in the retail industry.”

“The future of the retail industry depends on our dynamism and ability to think outside the box, and this can only happen by promoting inclusion and diversity.”


About ‘Wear it Purple’ Day:

‘Wear it Purple’ Day was founded in 2010 to celebrate and support LGBTIQ+ youth at risk from bullying and harassment. People are encouraged to ‘wear it purple’ to show young LGBTIQ+ people they are supported, and promote awareness and action against discrimination, bullying and harassment. For more information, visit their website at