Future of Loss Prevention?

Our very own CEO, Dominique Lamb, joins a panel of experts in this OnDemand webinar on The Future of Loss Prevention. This is a key topic of interest for all retailers across industries at the moment, partly due to the Global Retail Theft Barometer’s recent stats on how retail shrinkage is on the rise due to internal fraud and admin errors.

The webinar will:

  • Educate listeners on the problem Australian retailers are facing regarding retail shrinkage (estimated at $4.5 billion annually, with 55% of this being due to internal fraud and admin errors)
  • Give tips on what can be done around identifying fraudulent activity, training deficiencies or operational inefficiency – which is currently slow, laborious and time-consuming for many retailers.
  • Discuss the technology and tools available to retailers
  • Share experiences, thought-leadership and real-life stories about this topic in an informal way.

Hear from the experts!

Click HERE to access the webinar!