Customer Experience at the Edge Summit

Zebra Technologies will be hosting their first ever virtual summit, #zebraCX on 10 November.

The event will focus on some of the key technologies retailers can leverage to improve the customer experience, while increasing productivity and profitability.

Attendees will hear from industry experts including Jonas Stillman, Director of Office Depot, about strategies and best practices to build resilience in times of disruption.

Some of the key topics covered in the conference are below:

1) Customer insights & trends in an on-demand economy

Today’s omnichannel marketplace has raised consumer demands and expectations higher than ever.

People want products and services quicker than they ever have before, and convenience has become paramount, which has pushed retailers to offer more flexible order fulfilment options.

Retailers are increasingly expected to offer same day or next day delivery, click and collect and drive-thru options for customers, to make it as easy as possible for them to collect their order.

In order to provide a flawless service and meet these demands, businesses need to have full visibility over products at every step of the supply chain, right from the factory floor, to the retail store, to the delivery truck.


2) Supply chain optimisation strategies

COVID-19 has severely disrupted the supply chain, by causing an incredible surge in demand for some products and reducing demand for others.

Retailers have had to adapt by diversifying and optimising their supply chain, and ensuring that products don’t come from just one geographic location or supplier.

Greater focus has also been placed on AI-powered tools which can predict surges and falls in product demand. Zebra’s prescriptive analytics solution can help retailers anticipate disruption, so they have a better chance of meeting demand.


3) Mobilising and augmenting retail staff with emerging technologies

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to re-assess their technology needs, in an effort to increase productivity.

In the retail space, shopfront employees are being provided with enterprise grade mobile computers, which bring vast amounts of data to their fingertips in a matter of seconds. These devices give employees real-time access to inventory information, task management and instant communication wherever they are in the store, to keep customers satisfied.

Mobile devices are making waves behind the scenes as well. For example, retail workers in distribution centres are being augmented with ‘wearables’. Wearables are devices that are worn on the workers body, which significantly increase productivity and comfort levels during daily tasks. For example, ring-scanners (small devices that are worn on the finger), enable employees to comfortably and quickly scan hundreds of barcodes without having to even pick up a device.

If you’re looking to drive business growth and profitability as we move into 2021, don’t miss this event!

The first 100 registrations will receive a complimentary Zebra Survival Kit delivered to their home address. Pizzas will also be offered on the day. 

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